Thursday, January 21, 2010

mark fast

my dream dress from designer mark fast, i will die trying to get my hands on this piece
the hair and the makeup compliment the dress perfectly i would not change a thing
the following are S/S 2010

My favorite designer of the moment. Mark fast was the designer who placed size 14 models in his runway show. Personally, i think he did a remarkable job at incorporating them into the collection without them looking awkward next to skinny models. The plus sized women he chose looked fantastic in the garments and did not even look like a typical plus size model does. Moot to what i just said, the collection itself is simply sexy.


  1. i totally agree. i think it was so awesome that he chose to display his clothes on a variety of body types, not just small sizes. it gives you such a better feel of how the clothes translate into real life, on real women. daring and brilliant


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