Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Elle US March 2010 | Egle Tvirbutaite by Max Farago

for some reason these pictures remind me of childhood visits to florida, something about the colors, the playfulness, and the texture of the buildings walls which are just like the ones i used to stay in on my trips
plus i feel the wind thats blowing in the last picture, just like the warm breeze in florida


  1. Love it! especially the 4th photo!


  2. Your blog is brillent! Love it!

  3. Its funny that you said that because I feel the same way! Its weird that those pictures can evoke childhood memories.. and they really do remind me of when I would go to florida to visit my grandparents or go to our timeshare.. such warm happy summers :) Love your fashion sense <3

    this is meee-->

  4. what a fun ed :)
    love the pink polkadots jacket!

  5. oh my lord, that oscar de la renta in the 2nd to last picture is perfection. i need some crazy money, i should totally rock that dress!


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