Thursday, March 4, 2010

go red

Cintia Dicker-my new favorite model who happens to be a redhead
i am currently very into red heads as you can see....

and of course how could i forget Lily Cole

it's weird to think that only 1% to 2% ( around those numbers) of the human population has red hair. naturally red hair. i once heard that they will go extinct. isn't that weird to think. i hope it's not true.


  1. Red hair is totally cute. they always seem to have healthier hair too!

  2. i have blonde hair. my brother has the most thick, gorgeous red hair. he rocks it, and i want it :(

    i'm trying to muster up the courage to go red. like the one in my profile picture. (i have a soft spot for red heads too) ♥

  3. red heads are cute. they seem to be more fun then blondes.
    no stereo typing here! hahaha

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! =D

  4. why are your pictures so AMAZING?

    I like the red hair too.



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